Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Who I Am

Hey everyone,

I've had this blog for over a year now. I've kept it anonymous, scared someone would find it. I've gone by the username 'BloggerGirl' and signed off each post with "BloggerGirl xox". I'm tired of that. It's time I told you who I am.

My name is Kirsty. Lover of books, YouTube, music and Pretty Little Liars. Victim of anxiety. Full time fangirl of One Direction, The Hunger Games, Dan and Phil, Evan Edinger and Ian Harding (and lots more). 

I've always been afraid to tell people who I really am on here. To be honest I'm not even sure who I am (yay cliche teenage problems!).

I don't care if people read this and know who I am (unless I'm related to them!). I shouldn't be ashamed of my opinions on life and books and everything in between. I write some serious stuff on here and so I guess I'm just scared of people judging me.

People don't understand me. Especially my family which is why I don't want them reading this. (Don't get me wrong... I love my family but they just wouldn't get it).

I just have a lot of trouble accepting who I am and acceptance is something I look for a lot in the world.

But from now on I'm not going to look for acceptance from behind my 'BloggerGirl' mask. I'm tired of that. It's fake. It's not me. It's a version of me.

Not many people read my blog anyway so the chances of someone I know finding this is really unlikely (*crosses fingers, toes, arms, legs, eyes and everything else that can be crossed*).

I don't want a fake identity anymore. I want to be me whoever 'me' is. I may not like 'me' and maybe you don't either. But that's okay. I've tried to please people my entire life and it drained me. I still do it. I don't know how to stop but I want to try.

I'm not really sure where this post is going so I'm going to sign off now using my real name for the first time ever (much excitement).

*takes deep breath*,
                                                        Kirsty xox

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