Saturday, 23 May 2015

Study Tips

Hey guys!
So I know a lot of people are doing exams around now. I am too. But it can be so difficult to study and so easy to procrastinate! (For example I am currently writing a blog post telling people how to study instead of doing my own study). So today I am going to share some of my own tips for studying. Hope they help!

  • Create a study nook or study area - Grab a corner of a room or a desk, some cushions and some food and make yourself comfortable... If you're studying over a long period of time this will really help.
  •  Make a study playlist - I tried this out for the first time today and it honestly helps so much. Go on YouTube and search for study music or else Mozart music. It is scientifically proven to help you learn and is often called The Mozart Effect.
  • Use Flashcards - Grab some colourful flashcards and write out important points. Summarize it as much as possible so that your learning will be more effective. If you're learning a language then write the word on one side and the English on the other. That way you'll be able to test yourself.
  • Do questions - Doing questions really helps because it's helping you see if you know the information or not and it's also getting you to write things out which will help you learn.
  • Say things out loud - It's proven that if you say something out loud you'll remember it more than if you read it in your head.
  • Make mindmaps - This will help you summarize the information and visualize during the exam. 

That's all my study tips for now. If you want a part two let me know or if you have any more study tips comment them in the comments below.
Talk to you all later,
                                BloggerGirl xox

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