Saturday, 18 April 2015

My Top 10 Singers/Bands

Hey guys!

Today I'm giving you a list of my top 10 singers and bands and my favourite song from each. Let me know in the comments who your favourites are.

1. One Direction
Fave song: You and I

2. Ed Sheeran
Fave song: Thinking Out Loud

3. Taylor Swift
Fave song: Blank Space

4. Boyce Avenue
Fave song: cover for We Can't Stop

5. Katy Perry
Fave song: Roar

6. John Legend
Fave song: All of Me

7. Sam Smith
Fave song: Stay With Me

8. Christina Perri
Fave song: Human

9. The Vamps
Fave song: Somebody to You ft Demi Lovato

10. Olly Murs
Fave song: Up ft. Demi Lovato

So those are my top ten singers and bands even though I have loads more favourites! Let me know if you want a part two.

Talk to you all later, 
                                   BloggerGirl xox

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