Sunday, 11 January 2015

How to Stay on Top of your Work

Hey guys,

So I know that sometimes life can get really busy and a bit too overbearing and you can fall behind in things. It can be difficult to do a pile of homework and have seven projects due in one day and after school activities on top of all that. This tutorial is how to stay on top of your work and not fall behind.

While studying turn off your phone
I know this ones really difficult. I can barely breathe without my phone!! But it's best to just put away and turn off all distractions and just focus on the task at hand.

Organize your work
Organizing your work and time is very important. Have a planner for when you have a lot to focus on so you don't forget anything.

If you have sports, school work, and a social life it gets hard. Just make sure to have a balance and to get your priorities straight. You should use an organizer to help you.

Write a list
Write the things you need down and check off what you have done and what you need to do.

Get things done
Stop procrastinating and get it done. That's the #1 way to stay on top. Focus on studying and projects and you'll be good.

School in general is a big part of your time but you do need to have some you time. Take at least 30-60 minutes a day to just kick back and relax and do whatever you want to do so you're not always focused and stressed on one thing. Grab a mug of hot chocolate, put your feet up and relax!

So I hope you guys liked this tutorial. I should really try these tips myself and focus on school instead of blogging! (said no one ever!) Comment if you have any requests for more tutorials or other blog ideas. Don't forget to answer this weeks poll!

Talk to you all later!
                                  BloggerGirl xox


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